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    FMS 13 Export XML and Applying StyleSheet Not Working on Server




      I have a script to export xml after transforming it with an xslt stylesheet. It works fine on FMPA 11 and a scheduled script on FMSA 11 and FMPA 13, however when I try to run the scheduled script with FMS 13 it doesn't export the file. If I remove the xslt off the script than it exports xml fine but not otherwise. This is on a Windows 2012 Server.


      Anyway, I don't understand why it works in the other products but not the 13 server. Is the Xerces parser different in the server from the client or is this a bug? I don't know how to troubleshoot it since it works when I run it with FileMaker Advanced 13 on the desktop and it works from FMSA 11 on the server. Can anyone else confirm if this is a bug or whether it works for you?


      Thanks in Advance!