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Scripting audio recording in FM Pro?

Question asked by Aigaion on Jan 23, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2014 by JoelStoner

I want to be able to record audio through a computer's microphone into a container field. In Go, this is not problem. In Pro this can be done in Browse mode by clicking a container field on a layout and then going up to the menu bar for Insert > Sound. That causes an audio control panel to appear that allows recording into the container.


My problem is I want to set a button on the layout that will trigger this action, but I can't find a Script Command that seems to do this. The command Insert Audio/Video allows a user to put a media file already on the computer into the container, but does not trigger a new recording.


Does anyone know what Script Command or series of Commands will replicate the action of manually going to the menu for Insert >Sound?




Mike Ainsworth