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    Unable to Launch Admin Console


      I just updated FMServer to 12.0 v5. I also updated java to7 v51.

      I remain unable to access the admin console page. I'm getting the following error.

      Any ideas?


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          Can you roll back your java update?


          Filemaker server installs the version of java that it needs during it's initial and update installations. If you update java independent of filemaker, then you can break access to the admin console. This was a notorious issue with FM12 and earlier versions, that was finally addressed with the release of a new admin console in FM13.


          Also, make sure you have restarted the server, and made sure that the Filemaker Service is enabled/started under admin tools > services.

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            Thank You very much for your reply.


            Oh crap, I definately updated java independent of filemaker. I knew there was an issue with java update 7v45, but I thought since I updated FMServer to 12.0 v5 it was okay to proceed with the additional java update. To the best of my knowledge I cannot uninstall java 7v45, the update that caused the issue which required me to update FMServer. I hope I can repair it.



            I have successfully uninstalled java 7 v51 and am now running java 7 v45.

            I will have to wait until the weekend when clients are disconnected to restart the server. I restarted it after the FMServer upgrade, but before the java upgrade to 7 v51. Now that 7v51 is uninstalled I understand it would be good to restart the server again.

            I'm not sure where to find the admin tools but I know for sure the server is running: clients are accessing the hosted files now. Is that good enough or do I need to locate admin tools?

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              ...just kidding I know where the admin tool  and services are (blonde moment)      It's running.

              I'll try the restart as soon as clients close out. Fingers crossed.

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                In a "worst case" scenario, you might have to uninstall java completely and reinstall filemaker. Fortunately you can back up your settings and files for FMS to do this. Unfortunately, if it comes to that you're looking at a few hours of server downtime.

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                  Thanks. The restart didn't change anything. I upgraded java to 7 v45 and now cannot access the server even though it's 12.0 v5, bummer.


                  At this point, if I have to reinstall FMServer 12 I'm thinking I might as well go ahead and make the jump to FMServer 13. I'll just need to research if/how that will impact clients. (we host files within our office, no IWP or anything fancy.)

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                    There is a migration guide that gives you the basic steps to follow. First off I would make sure your hardware is capable of handling it. Since you would not be doing web direct it should not be a problem.


                    Here's the server resources page for 13



                    The new console is great, I haven't had an issue yet (but your mileage may vary), certainly not a Java issue.

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                      Great, thanks for the help and additional reference!