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Showing multiple records from a table on a layout

Question asked by on Jan 25, 2014
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I'm trying to show distinct Contacts by role on a layout based on Transaction that I need to get distinct data out of a JOIN table onto a layout


Are the only ways to do this multiples portals on the layout or multiple Contacts table instances?

What's best and why?


  1. Transaction (fields I need to fill)
    1. Borrower
    2. Realtor
    3. Referral Person
    4. Loan Officer
  2. Contacts
    1. ContactID (match to Join_ContactID)
    2. FullName
  3. JoinContacts_Roles_Transactions
    1. ContactID (joins to contactID)
    2. RoleID (joins to roleID)
    3. TransactionID (joins to TransactionID)
  4. Roles
    1. RoleID
    2. RoleName


Thanks in advance for any help.