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Serial number in a portal row ?

Question asked by bartprins on Jan 26, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2014 by erolst

Hi everybody,


I have a form with clientdata with a portalrow with productionrecords. Now i want to make a serialnumber in each row in the portal, however if i use the serialnumber option i run into the problem that when a user switches to another client and makes a new record in the portal the serialnumber is made there.


I want the serialnumber to add 1 for each portalentry for that specific client.




PortalRow1 = 20140001

PortalRow2 = 20140002

PortalRow3 = 2014003



PortalRow1 = 2014001

PortalRow2 = 2014002


And when i want to add more portals later on then it should add one again.


How can i perform this?


Again much oblidged!!