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    FMS 13 - Remote Development => slow




      we are testing and have a setup that has worked well enough with FMSA 11 & FMSA 12


      - Win 2008 R2 - dedicated to FMS (4 cores, 16 GB RAM)

      - IIS is running

      - Firewall has open ports for 80, 443, 5003 & 16000 for incoming and outgoing traffic


      - Clients FMPA 13 with either Win or Mac


      Trying to develop with our first native FM13 File from the server we are experiencing a very sluggish performance of the FMPA 13 client. If, for instance, you doubleclick on a field to open the "specify field" dialogue it takes up to 2 seconds. That time lag used to be not really noticable with FMSA12 (if you ignore that it sometimes took some time to update while scrolling).


      Are we the only ones experiencing such issues?

      Do we have a configuration problem?

      Any idea anyone?





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          I have been getting odd instances of lag and similar issues to this connecting to my dev box on the same network.

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            The same for me! Very slow especially when I using new style feature like shadow.



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              By testing we found out that FMPA12 native files on the combination FMS13 & FMPA13 behave just as you would expect and as they do with the combination FMPA12 & FMSA12!


              It seems to be related to my other post FMPA strange behavior, where I came across some strange things with FMPA13 native files.



              ANY IDEAS?




              NEW DEVELOPMENT:


              The issue "strange behavior" has nothing to do with the Performance issue as the icons default settings in the menu have just been changed. ... could have thought to look there ?






              We have now narrowed it down not to FM Version but to FileSize.  Files with a certain number of TOs get to run sluggish. That is to be expected and is the same for FMPA12 and FMPA13. The benefit of FMPA13 is the field picker that allows us to circumvent the slow dialog.


              OK ... I might be slow ... but at least I get it in the end








              FINAL UPDATE:


              If the file includes many styles the entire backend reacts sluggish, therefore best practice would be to be very careful how to use styles.