FMS 13 - Remote Development => slow

Discussion created by cloudmeister on Jan 26, 2014
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we are testing and have a setup that has worked well enough with FMSA 11 & FMSA 12


- Win 2008 R2 - dedicated to FMS (4 cores, 16 GB RAM)

- IIS is running

- Firewall has open ports for 80, 443, 5003 & 16000 for incoming and outgoing traffic


- Clients FMPA 13 with either Win or Mac


Trying to develop with our first native FM13 File from the server we are experiencing a very sluggish performance of the FMPA 13 client. If, for instance, you doubleclick on a field to open the "specify field" dialogue it takes up to 2 seconds. That time lag used to be not really noticable with FMSA12 (if you ignore that it sometimes took some time to update while scrolling).


Are we the only ones experiencing such issues?

Do we have a configuration problem?

Any idea anyone?