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Join table trouble

Question asked by andrewviolet1 on Jan 24, 2014
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Im still new to filemaker and have been trying to do some training on relational databases. I thought I understood this but still struggling. Based on what im trying to do which I will outline below, I am hoping for some more feedback.



  • I have an inventory table which keeps track of items, quantity, and price.
  • I have a sales table which I want to be able to keep track of sales that were made.
  • I have a join table to link these two table.



  • If i sell an item i would like it to update the inventory count.
  • When viewing sales I would like to use a portal to select items that were sold, and update the inventory


I have attached a screen shot of the relationships. This doesnt seem to work for me. I cant get a portal to work on my sales layout. It appears that the pk_ID_Sales in my sales table is creating a many to many relationship to the pk_ID_sales in my Sold_Items_Join table. when linking the inventory table to the join table it creates a one to many but the sales to join table creates a many to many. I dont understand why.


Thanks for any help!