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    Upside-down portals?


      We had plans for a printed "Job Ticket" layout that would print on an 11x17" sheet of paper, then fold in half. It would serve as a folder for other physical related records (scraps of paper), and go inside a clear vinyl protective envelope. Once folded, it would read the landscape way with the 11" folded edge along the bottom. We would want the "back side" of the ticket to print upside-down on that half of the sheet, so that each side appear right-side-up on the folded piece.


      The only problem is that we have several portals on the layout, on both halves. It seems that when we try to rotate everything for the bottom half (group it all first, then Rotate twice), the portals don't rotate. Even worse, the objects contained in the portals do rotate… and lose their position. They end up still contained in the portal, but shifted and hidden. It was a pain to fix when rotated back, until I realized I could select the objects and the portal and then align to top.


      Guess I've never tried, but is it really not possible to rotate a portal? Anyone else have a work-around for a situation like this? I'm not that great with HTML, so please don't tell me to do it all in a web viewer!




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          You cannot rotate a portal.


          A possible workaround, if you don't mind the hand-crafting: rotate the individual fields and place them in a one-portal row. Duplicate this portal as often as necessary, incrementing the initial row with each copy, then stack them in reverse order (#1 at the bottom).


          For obvious reasons, it's best if you have finalized the design before you start duplicating …

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            Here's a crazy idea.  If you could somehow find a way to print each portal to an image file, you could then import that image into a container field, rotate the container field on the layout, and voila!


            I am not sure how you would print the portal to an image file though.

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              Just a thought here which might address the issue—


              You could rotate and re order the fields in the portal so that the fields are upside down and read from right to left. Then sort the portal in inverse order. The effect would be that when printed and viewed upside down fields would read left to right and rows would be sorted top to bottom (see screenshot). The only thing would be that if there are unused portal rows they would appear to be at the top rather than bottom of the portal.


              Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 1.05.26 PM.png

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                How about

                print to PDF as 2 pages (half size print setting)

                make the 2nd page rotated with PDF editing tool

                print the PDF with 2 in 1 setting to resulting paper size

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                  keywords wrote:

                  The only thing would be that if there are unused portal rows they would appear to be at the top rather than bottom of the portal.


                  Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 1.05.26 PM.png


                  Which you can avoid using the method I suggested:


                  If the portals aren't too fancy, you could simply calculate a textual result into a field and rotate that. (And then there's always HTML … )

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                    What if you use ExecuteSQL to populate variables?. Then you can put them in your layout as you wish.


                    Just thinking...

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                      Erolst's "hand crafting" method sounds like the route I will take.


                      The other methods (printing to an image and putting that in a container(?), printing to PDF as 2 pages and stitching together, and ExecuteSQL with variables) all seem overly complex for what I'm doing.




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                        What about rotating EVERYTHING ELSE, leaving the portal alone. You would have to move the portal and fields around on the layout to make this work of course. This might allow you to fold this up the way you want…