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GO file opens in Safari first?

Question asked by briangirling on Jan 25, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2014 by briangirling

I have created a runtime solution that runs on a PC for small B&Bs to keep track of their reservations.


The data can be transferred to a .fmp12 file formatted for an iPhone for mobile accessibility. The file is either sent to the iOS device by email or placed into a linked Dropbox folder. I do not have an iPad but the mobile file has been tested on my iPhone 4S without issues.


A client has tried to open her file on her iPad Mini (iOS 7, FM GO 13) and says that it needed to be opened in Safari first. Is this possible?


I have tested the client's file on a friend's iPad Mini with a new install of FM GO 13 (iOS 7) and it acts the same as on my 4S iPhone.



Brian Girling