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Screen Flickering With WebD Implementation via Remote Host

Question asked by eqitec on Jan 26, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2014 by steve_ssh

I've got a test FM13 db up on a remote host deploying WebD. When in the db whenever I scroll up or down on the screen, it flashes darkish then normal again, which is annoying.


The db can be seen at this link:


When there, click on guest, then refresh if needed in the upper left.


Then click on the file named AHTAM012614-9 (usually at the top of a short list)


Is this a bandwidth problem, or a browser problem, an issue with webd, or the remote host. I suppose a clue is that it doesn't happen when accessing the db using Firefox.


Any ideas about the resolution of this would be appreciated.


Click on Guest in the uper right to exit the db when finished.