FMS 13 and Apache on OS X Mavericks

Discussion created by fmdataweb on Jan 26, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2014 by Malcolm

I've recently installed a new FileMaker Server v13 which I use for Custom Web Publishing with PHP. I've been using CWP and the FileMaker PHP API since v9, and I'm now becoming familiar with the changes with Server v13 which installs it's own "instance" of the Apache web server.


I'm used to working with Apache in terminal and also viewing the Apache logs in the Console app and now adjusting to the changes in Server 13 but have a few questions which I can't find answers to in the FileMaker Server help:


1. if I use the Apache commands in Terminal, e.g. "apachectl -v" returns "Apache/2.2.24 (Unix)". Is this the version of Apache that ships with OS X 10.9/Mavericks or the FileMaker "instance"? I presume it's the FileMaker Server "instance" but wan't to confirm.


2. does the FileMaker instance of Apache automatically open on the Mac OS startup?


3. the FileMaker instance of the Apache log files can be found in /Library/FileMaker Server/HTTPServer/logs/. I'm used to viewing these in the but the FileMaker Apache logs appear to get generated everytime Apache starts, so the access_log might be named someting like "access_log.1390770526". Does anyone know a way to view these in the automatically without having to add them one by one each time? I'm only interested in viewing the current access_log and error_log.