Importing from table in existing file brings in previously found set

Discussion created by baleihi on Jan 26, 2014
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I'm trying to import some records from one table (A) into another table (B) in the same file. When I do this, I have two windows open, one showing the layout of the source table A which has a found set active and the other showing the destination table B. As expected, only the records in the found set of the source table A get imported into the destination B. But now the weird thing happens. I want to import *all* the records from the same source table A into a different destination table (C). So I find all in the source window A and go to the new layout C in the destination window. Then I do the import. Only the previously found set from A, which is no longer active mind you, is imported into C. If I close both windows and reopen them, all the records get imported. But I want to do this in a script and I'm curious about why this behavior is happening. Anybody got a clue? TIA