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Upload to remote FM13 Server via TCP/IP

Question asked by lkeyes on Jan 27, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2014 by lkeyes

Is it possible to upload a file that I've been working on on my laptop at my FM13Server?


I have a local sample.fmp12 that I'd like to upload to my FM13 database server, which is locate behind my firewall.


1. I've can access the server via Open Remote....fmnet:/ <-using my public IP address

Using FMPA I can open this fmserver_sample.fmp12 file as if it was on my local machine / or network.


2. I can access the Administrator console via TCPIP, with my Server administrator credentials.


3. I have ports 80, 16000, and 5003 opened on the firewall pointing to the server machine.


4. I can upload files to the server using FMPA13 when behind my firewall.



In other words, I think I can do everything that I was doing behind the firewall.


However, when I click on upload to server, and attempt to add the server to my favorite hosts, I get a "connection failed"


Any ideas? or just not possible? .