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    Upload to remote FM13 Server via TCP/IP


      Is it possible to upload a file that I've been working on on my laptop at Starbucks....to my FM13Server?


      I have a local sample.fmp12 that I'd like to upload to my FM13 database server, which is locate behind my firewall.


      1. I've can access the server via Open Remote....fmnet:/ <-using my public IP address

      Using FMPA I can open this fmserver_sample.fmp12 file as if it was on my local machine / or network.


      2. I can access the Administrator console via TCPIP, with my Server administrator credentials.


      3. I have ports 80, 16000, and 5003 opened on the firewall pointing to the server machine.


      4. I can upload files to the server using FMPA13 when behind my firewall.



      In other words, I think I can do everything that I was doing behind the firewall.


      However, when I click on upload to server, and attempt to add the server to my favorite hosts, I get a "connection failed"


      Any ideas? or just not possible? .

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          Mike Duncan

          I know that the file upload in FM13 does not use TCP/IP but I don't know offhand what protocol it uses. They did this to allow for faster, more efficient file transfer than what is available with TCP/IP.


          I remember hearing that the same file transfer protocol used for uploading files is also used for transferring and displaying container field contents, but not sure if it's doing it on the same ports or not, but you can test container fields from starbucks and see if those work.

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            Hi, Mike,


            Hmmm....interesting. I note this explanation from the FM Server.


            Secure Connections

            Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to encrypt data passed between FileMaker Server components and FileMaker Pro, Go, and WebDirect clients. Progressive downloading allows clients to use interactive content as it is being downloaded. Progressive downloading uses unencrypted HTTP connections, even if the Require secure connections setting is enabled. Restart Database Server to apply a change to these settings.


            But this refers to after the application has already been loaded on to the server.  


            And the connection if you are using FMPA or FMP is soemthing like: fmnet://blah blah ....   which I'm thinking is the non-FTP protocol. 


            I'm very pleased with the performance of my applications that have been loaded on the server so far..... I just want to add more.  :-) 

            That's the issue.... uploading a new .fmp12 file. 


            -- L

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              Asked this question via support and got a timely reply.  I had omitted to open port 443.  

              Once that was done, I was able to upload and start playing with the server. 

              I have the development server license.  It would certainly be nice to be able to test with more than a single web or Ipad session at a time.  My understanding is that it is restricted to a single user.