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Sync connector closes ... but says it doesn't

Question asked by Mike_Mitchell Expert on Jan 27, 2014

Good day, all. I'm having a strange situation with a syncing routine. Using basically the strategy laid out in the sync guide, I've assembled a routine that deploys a sync connector file, runs the sync, then closes the sync file and hosted file from the device. All works, except I'm getting a strange error when I attempt to close the sync file.


The log reports an error 13 (File or object in use) when the script attempts to close the sync file. Weird part is, the file does, in fact close. I'm using the URL protocol to close the file:




I've tried it both with and without the "%20" escape on the space in the script name; no difference. Using "#" instead of "~" in the URL simply causes it to blow up completely.


Any ideas why this is working, but not working?