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    Compare records accross tables


      Hello all,


      I've run into developers block and need some suggestions.


      Simply put I am trying to compare records in table A with records in table B. This search needs to be a little fuzzy in logic (so I can't use a relationship).


      As table B has an unusual format (which I can not change) I have placed the useful fields from it into a list. So I now have a list of 'keywords' in each row I wish to test each record in table A for the presence of.


      The only problem is I can't now think how I can do this. The find *"" does not seem to support either lists or variables.


      Any suggestions?



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          If you're searching within a list, you would need *""*, the second asterisk would be required.


          IE if you were searching for "apple" in a field that was a list: orange, apple, pear, searched for *"apple" would not return anything, but *"apple"* would return it.


          You could also script something with "perform quickfind", and if you're looking for inspiration, check out http://www.seedcode.com/fm-search-results/, which can search across many tables/fields, returning results in a virtual list.


          Good luck!