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FM 13 hosted file consistently crashing for Mac FM 13 clients but not for FM 12 or Windows 13.

Question asked by PeggyConant on Jan 27, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2014 by PeggyConant

I have been working with a hosted FM file that was converted from FM 12 to 13. At the end of the work week last week my Mac client started crashing every time I attempted to select a text value for a global local field using an item on a value list populated with text values native to a MySQL table. The FM file is a front-end for a MySQL database and only a few tables are local. I have now tested and reliably had the same crash results on Mavericks as on 10.7.5, a result I cannot reproduce on same OS looking at same file using FM Advanced 12 client. I have also tested on Windows using FM Pro Advanced 13 and cannot reproduce problem. I have reinstalled the FM 13 client on my Mac and still no better results. I did a consistency check and it came out fine. I know that work was done on the MySQL server on the same day that my issues started


The console logs the lost connection "client no longer responding. connection closed. (51) " after the client has closed, meaning it doesn't appear that the action that causes the bump is precipitated by the server. This is not an entirely new problem to us. We did see some of this error 51 in FM 12, usually these crashes would be clustered over the course of a day or two. But we could go many months without problems and usually the crashes only lasted for a day or so.