How do I eliminate duplicate records for labels?

Discussion created by synergy46 on Jan 27, 2014
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I am using FM 13 Adv. This is a 'skills' application. The 'skills' are on a portal

(Based on Category table) and they work via a conditional value list. It all works.


I have a report that allows the user to select a 'CATEGORY' (Accounting, Construction etc) and then the report filters accordingly.



The problem is I need to have each person who is within a Category (In the case above it is 'Construction')

print their label only ONCE. As you can see above, Fred Flintstone prints 2 labels because he is represented

in two 'Skill" areas: Electrical and Painting.

I need him to print on only 1 label.


I have written a script in which I use a FIND to try and eliminate duplicates; but it does not seem to do so.



I tried using Constrain ! to eliminate duplicates but that did not seem to work.

So, how would you solve this problem?


Thanks for thinking about it and your ideas.