FileMaker XML Query Builder Database?

Discussion created by smower on Jan 27, 2014
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I just learned of a free ExecuteSql query builder database that helps you build FileMaker Sql queries for the executesql command:


I downloaded it and it has been a very helpful tool for connecting to your existing databases easily and clicking drop downs to select your tables and fields and it automatically constructs the query for you to place in your database. After using that, I was hoping there was a similar database out there for download that would be able to construct FileMaker xml queries strings via drop downs and so forth for databases with the extended privilege set fmxml - Access via XML Web Publishing?


Does anyone know of a file like this that would help one to quickly build the FM xml queries similar to how the free executesql query builder builds queries?


It would be cool if there was also a php code builder fm database to help replace the missing php site assistant.


Thanks in advance,