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    FM GO Import to Hosted File Strange Behavior


      SETUP: I have users that have FM GO 13 locally on Ipads(slave). Users collect data and will manually select a upload button when they are connected via wifi. The upload button will get a found set on the ipad then perform script in the hosted file (Master) that will import those records from the slave. I have error checks after the import to determine if successful.


      PROBLEM: Works fine 90% of the time. The other 10%...the import takes place but it will be very quick, as in not seeing the import records progress bar at the bottom of the ipad. I check the hosted master file and their records are not there. No errors will result and it gives them dialog that it was a success (because of no error code).


      Has anyone experienced this odd behavior? I searched for related topics but none seemed as specific to my problem. I would blame my code but it is so hard to trouble shoot when it works 90% of the time and when it does not work it does not produce any error codes. Thanks in advance!



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          Update: through my testing I found that as soon as I added the domain name of the hosted file to the hosts on the ipad, the upload would work. If I removed the host it would continue to work without any problems. I don't know if FM GO saves the hosts even though you remove them? If I removed GO from the ipad completely and and reinstalled I would be back to where I was before when it would not import my data.


          My Theory: Through my experience and reading I found that you could have a table occurence to the Master file that is hosted. This would allow you to perform the script from the hosted file without having to open the file on the ipad. This works, if your ipad has or previously had the Master files domain name listed as a host. This still does not explain why the import does not produce any error code.


          My Solution: I just opened the file on the Ipad and everything seems to be working fine.


          Hopefully this helps someone and saves them some time.