fmp URL vs. tinyurl in MailChimp and iWeb

Discussion created by bright_guy on Jan 28, 2014



Can the fmp URL be used in MailChimp? I tried using a tinyurl as a workaround, but MailChimp effectively breaks the link.


The goal is to link users to an FMP hosted file, where they can download my FM Go files. The tinyurl workaround works fine in iWeb.


Like MailChimp, iWeb doesn't allow fmp URLs; they both insist on adding an "http" prefix.


The fmp URL looks like this...



The tinyURL is this...


MailChimp breaks the tinyURL by turning it into this...


And users end up seeing this...

404 - Not Found


MailChimp support doesn't help, except to say that, "[shortened links are] not something that we recommend adding to your MailChimp campaigns."


(Just for fun, let's see if this discussion allows me to link using the fmp URL shown above.)