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    Go, variables and 'Force Quit'


      Just seeing if others are experiencing the same or similar issue. Go 13.0.2, iOS 7.0.4 on iPad Airs (mostly).


      We have a semi-complicated Go app. +30 tables, separation model +/- 300mb of data. Lots of layouts, scripts etc. We of course, use local and global variables to stuff values into to manage all the normal kinds of things.


      We are finding it necessary to kill Go frequently. When a process throws an error or doesn't complete successfully, we know it's time. Kill Go, restart and re-do and it works.


      We can close the dbs before we kill and I have *ruled out* a corrupt db.


      Anyone else seeing the same issues?


      tia, Mark

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          One of the problems with iPad is that for the most part users never restart their ipad or close apps.  A majority of the problems I see with FM Go are fixed with a restart of the iPad. After awhile FM GO loses it ability to create PDF files if not restarted.  Users for the most part just close the cover or push the home button when they are finished.  I suspect there is some kind of memory issue going on that is causing FileMaker Go problems.   I see this same issues when I don't occasionally restart my laptop.  The first things that I would recommend is the users need to be taught to close the files properly when they are finished and to occasionally restart their iPad.  I don't have any proof of this from testing but I also suspect that FMGO and the iPad are not be the best platform for complicated filemaker solutions because of the lack of memory on the iPad.  Perhaps somebody from FileMaker can comment on this.

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            Wouldn't it be fabulous if a) iOS could report how long since the last restart and b) FM Go could access this iOS info?  (Perhaps there's already an iOS feature that does this?)  As a workaround, and depending upon the viability of the FM Go solution, perhaps a 'nudge message' on opening, reminding iPad users that device restarts are a good thing to do semi-regularly.  A bit like flossing.


            All the best,

            Mardi Kennedy

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              This is very true. People don't realize that all of your technology needs to be restarted to "clean" it up. Computers, smartphones, tablets, etc. will begin to run sluggishly if you do not occasionally restart the device.