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New Database... not sure of the tables

Question asked by Penilorac on Jan 28, 2014
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I am creating a new database which will handle invoicing and production at the same time. I created it but am not sure about the tables I used.


I first created 4 tables:







But now I wanted to add the production part.


A bit of background...


This is for a printing company. The products will be in fact images to print so almost each products will be different than the others. Once the invoice is paid, we want the order to go on the production side and from then, there are a couple of departements which all work on the same images , at different stages. The products should stay by order but we will also need to be able to make groups of image per material or size, or other options.


I created another table named "production" which is related to the "Invoice" table , by the "invoice number field" and all the production layouts are from the "production" table since they all work on the same files. The departements are printing, stretching and finishing. I created different layouts for each departements, but all from the "production" table.


Is this ok or should I have created 1 table per production departement and if so, by what would they be related?


Thank you very much in advance!