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    Connecting FMP13 database to RapidMiner via JDBC drivers


      Hi...I am running FMP13 on a mac and wish to connect a local database to my java-based analytics software - RapidMiner (rapidminer.com). I have followed the manual provided by FM but cannot get these two to connect. Does anyone have expertise in JDBC drivers, particularly on a mac? Thanks.

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          I have no experience on RapidMiner but tried it on Windows.

          Succeed to connect FM and the tables are shown in RM, but couldn't get any data.


          rm.log said


          INFO: Stream Database: Primary key 'id' found: creating a new mapping table 'RM_MAPPING_A' which maps from the RapidMiner index 'RM_INDEX' to the primary key. This might take some time...

          WARNING: Stream Database: Failed to create mapping table using standard method, attempting secondary option

          SEVERE: Process failed: Database error occurred: [FileMaker][FileMaker JDBC] FQL0001/(1:8): There is an error in the syntax of the query.


          'id' is indexed number field, auto enter Get(recordid), number not-null unique constraint.


          Something missed in FM table or RM use unsuported SQL syntax...

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            Done on Mac.


            1.Copy fmjdbc.jar to any place.

            2.Run RapidMiner

            3.Select menu Tools>Manage Database Drivers

            4.click Add

            5.set fields as

            Name: FileMaker (or any as you like)

            URL prefix: jdbc:filemaker://

            Port: 2399

            Schema separator: /

            Jar file: select fmjdbc.jar copied in step 1

            Driver Class: com.filemaker.jdbc.Driver

            (only the D is uppercase.)

            and save it.


            Use operator Import>Data>Read Database.

            My mistake was using "Stream Database", it try to CREATE TABLE into FM

            and the SQL made by RM is not supported.


            On FileMaker, define an account for JDBC connection that has password.

            (empty password seems to not supported on RM)