FileMaker Server 13 & OS X Server 3 in same network but different machines

Discussion created by RafaelCaballe on Jan 29, 2014

Hi All,


I am trying to set up wiki services (under OS X Server 3) and FileMaker Server 13 in my office. These two services were sharing the same MacMini before upgrading to version 13. Since FileMaker Server 13 needs port 80 and port 443 for its built-in web server, I can't have the original arrangement anymore. In my office I have a single router with a fixed public IP.


My knowledge on networks is very basic, so I want to comment here a possible solution that I have in mind and some concerns that I have, just to listen comments and suggestions, before I invest in a second server.


Possible solution

  • Keep the original MacMini just with OS X Server to provide wiki services. This machine would get a fixed internal IP (i.e.
  • The FileMaker Server 13 will be installed in a second MacMini. This machine would get a fixed internal IP (i.e.
  • In the NAT table of the router define that all requests from port 80 are redirected to
  • In the NAT table of the router define that all requests from port 443 are redirected to
  • To navigate to the wiki from any web browser it will be always necessary to write https in order to send the communication over port 443.


Some concerns


  • I can control de way I acces to the wiki from WAN, just making sure to write always https in the web browser. In fact, users will never have to write it down since it will be hyperlinked somewhere in our web site.
  • What I do not know is if I will be able to access FileMaker Server from WAN only communication from port 80. Is it possible to use WebDirect services without involving at all port 443 and using just port 80?


As described, a second MacMini is necessary in the above mentioned solution. I would like to make sure that this investment is going to be usable.