Methods to update a DB containing externally stored container on a Server

Discussion created by BenoitJolly on Jan 29, 2014
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Hello everyone,


I want to open a thread here to discuss the best methods we each use to update databases on FMS which use Container Fields stored externally.


When we want to create a new version of a "live" database on the server, we take the copy of the file, do our development locally, but what is the best method to push that newly developped database to the server AND integrate the data of the "live database" in this new version.


One version we wanted to avoid was to :

- on the "live" database put back all the container fields to "local storage"

- download ALL the database and its container (either locally on the server or to another machine)

- do the importation from database.fmp12 to database_NEW.fmp12

- upload database_NEW.fmp12 (after renaming it to database.fmp12)

- put back all the container fields to "external storage"


We found it kind of nasty.



The database being stored on the server, one solution we use is to :

- upload the new database on the server (it is empty for the moment) under the name database_NEW.fmp12

- run a script (on a FileMaker Pro running on the server) doing the importation table per table of all the data from database.fmp12

- close database.fmp12 and remove it

- close database_NEW.fmp12

- rename database_NEW.fmp12 to database.fmp12

- rename the "RC_Data[...]" folder in order to match the name of the database

- reopen the database on the server



This method works, but maybe some of you may have better solutions to do that.


Thank you in advance for your comments.


Best regards.