Script to let user set any file path for any file name prior to fmp12 multitable import

Discussion created by mariusjostfm on Jan 29, 2014
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I am embarrassed I could n t find anything about this: I offer an "import your data from previous version" button in a Filemaker 12 runtime solution. This script opens "old.fmp12" from the users desktop and imports 5 tables into the "new.fmp12".



The problem:

I want to allow the user to freely chose any fmp12 File from any location (might be from userfiles, Desktop, USB..). The fmp12 File to import could have any name, for example "solution_v2.5.fmp12". However, Filemaker import script steps only allow importing one table at a time! The souce file has to be identified repeatedly.


Is there any (cross plattform) way to obtain the complete path and file name and write it into a variable?


Or, could I have the user import the fmp12 file (leaving the file path open, so user has to chose it the first time) and then use a get function that obtains the last filepath which was used for an import?


Isn't this a problem many developers have! I must be blind not to have found something on this!


Thanks so much for any comments.