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    Record Access Limited by Accounts




      I have a table of accounts that can login to the database. Accounts are assigned a certain privilege sets.


      I also have a field in the accounts table that lists the kp's of records in another table that the acount is authorized to edit and view.


      How do I use the calulation in the security feature to access these kp's? I was thinking about using the filtervalues function but the problem comes in determining how to access the approiate kp's for the account that is logged in.


      Anyone know what functions I need to create or if I need to create another global calcualtion field?



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          The methods that comes most easily to my mind are:


          1.     Have an authorisation field in the other table into which you enter the accountID(s) of any authorised account, and set up a relationship to the other table based on this field. If more than one account is authorised, IDs can be listed on separate lines within the field.


          2.     Set up a join table to manage the authorisation