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email to FM record

Question asked by robrickard on Jan 30, 2014
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I have a client that would like to have email features added to their FM database.


Key feature would be that the staff (users of Filemaker) can use any email client to pick the messages they want to add to filemaker and then 'forward/send' to Filemaker with only the name of the Contact in the subject field. Filemaker would then search for that name and create a new email record for them proper.


A second feature (not required if the above feature is working) would be to have a 'send from in FM' which i know already is part of Filemaker, but it would be best to have the sent message right in their mail box as a normal sent message (imap).


Is there any plugins out there that can help with this? Or any solution? I have been looking up some of them and im not finding what im looking for - we do not want to import all messages into Filemaker via imap or smtp. Only selected emails the staff member see worthy of archiving.


Thanks for any help and guidance.