FM Crashes When Initiating Port Change in IWP Sharing

Discussion created by mrosenhek on Jan 30, 2014

I have multiple versions of FM on my computer and all I want to do is take a peek at a file using IWP.

I tied to set the port to 591 in FM 11 and the app crashes.

I tried other versions but the only version that seemed to let me set the port is FM 8.5. I was able to view the file in Safari. But it onky worked once.


Now I am getting this error when I launch FM 8.5

FileMaker cannot share fiels over the Web because IWP could not be started.


I click OK, then the app opens. I then open the file and go into IWP sharing anad try to set port 591 again and get the same error.

I seem to have gine froom bad to worse.


I will not be the one to ultimately host this file. It will be hosted usiing FM Server (not sure of version) but Filemaker told me I need to set the port at the file level for this to work. Any takers to help me out?