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Free publicly accessible examples of FM Web Direct Cloud Services?

Question asked by NickLightbody on Jan 30, 2014

I have written a few times in the past about my own position on designing for FM Web Direct - and I shall be very interested to see what other folk come up with.


I thought it would be useful if folk added links to any publically accessible FM Web Direct Cloud Services that they know of - to this thread - as a useful reference.


So for starters here is the link to the first public interation of the Deskspace Very Useful App (Free).


The link is pretty obvious when you open the page.


Anyone can request an account - you get sent an email with your credentials by return - then just login and use it.


There are just two reference data modules at present - proof of concept stuff - but we have several other modules partial built or near final testing - if you want it there is more detail on the web site.


I shall be pleased to hear your views and looking forward to seeing other folks' approach.


Cheers - Nick