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Error 803 after Import? HELP!

Question asked by taylorsether on Jan 30, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2014 by taylorsether

I have a simple slave and master setup in which the slave (local iPad) imports data to a master file (hosted). If I install a fresh copy of FMGO 13 onto an iPad, load the slave on it, and kick off the upload script, I will get an error 803 when trying to import and no data is imported. If I close the slave and FM GO and then reopen, it will work just fine and import my data. Then it seems to be fine from there on out.


Its like the import step does not know where the file is locally? When I open the hosted Master file I am storing the docpath into a global variable like this...


"file:" & Get ( DocumentsPath ) & "filename.fmp12"


Then I use that global variable for the source.


I have tried adding pauses and commits before and after the imports and also tried numerous iPads.


Any suggestions would be great.