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taming the feature creep

Question asked by user14967 on Jan 31, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2014 by mardikennedy

A local road-side attaction shop in my hometown has what they call "The Creep Closet." Against all posted warnings and advisories to not look in the creep closet, fully 100% of visitors peer in to witness inescapable horror.


Likewise, over the years, my own creep closet, our company's FileMaker Pro database, has become a repository for sloppy coding and layout design. As I prepare to finally make the jump to FMP13 (from FMP6!), I am being forced to reckon with my own past. Copies and copies of test layouts that are never used... those are easy to identify. But what about "Kristen's Layout?" She hasn't worked here in years... does anyone even use that layout? And the script... "Transfer print specs to PO." Pretty sure we gave up on that back in 2003. "Time Report for ACME Widgets?" Well, we lost that account five years ago. But maybe someone still uses it for another purpose. If so, how do they even access it?! And all those poorly-named global and calculation fields: surely I didn't create them. Has Filemaker become self aware? Am I witnessing the singularity at my very own workstation?


Moving forward, I wonder what advice more seasoned developers might have to prevent these kinds of questions in 2023? FMP13 certainly seems to have better commenting features than what I'm used to. And I know I should keep up with my naming convention, even for quick requests for a new report. But after years of turnover, changes in business policies, and client loss/gain, how do you keep things current and tidy?