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    School Study Student Registration


      Looking for a school study student registration solution for filemaker 12


      Any ideas?

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          Why not FileMaker 13?  With Web Direct, the web access via a browser is so much better and more likely to be used than the older Instant Web Publishing in 12. I just did a registration page for a conference that included credit card processing and even captcha code to confirm a real person is registering.  It is really simple to do if you already have a FileMaker Server to host it on. 


          There are a number of developers here who specialize in education databases, so maybe one of them will pipe up.  But I bet you know better what you want and it is pretty easy just to create it in FileMaker layouts assuming you know has to use FileMaker.  If you're not a developer, you might want to look for one.  http://developer.filemaker.com/search/

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            Check with Roy at PSFE: http://psfe.com/ He might have an off-the-shelf ready to go for you.


            If not, Taylor's suggestion of seeking a developer might be good, or if you're handy enough, build one out based on one of the FileMaker starter solutions.