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    FMS 13 Hosting


      I have a client wanting a good hosting company, preferably with servers in the Texas area to minimize latency. The company is in Dallas.


      I'm an FMPUG guy and tried to contact Foxtail Technology and heard good reviews on them. But I have sent them 3 emails and left a voice mail without a response (makes me wonder how they respond to support calls... hopefully they are better at that).


      This has to be a FileMaker 13 install and they have mostly FileMaker Go connections (about 10-15 at a time and some WebDirect and FMPs) and they also do an RSS feed from FileMaker so they may need a custom setup.


      Speed is important as it is for all hosting.


      Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks for any input.

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          Triple8 has been treating me well with my latest FM13 project, I am connecting from Ohio to their host in DC and the speed seems comporable to closer hosts I've used. Triple8 has a west coast option too that might be closer for your purposes. I believe they have a trial so you can test it out.

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            Is distance a major problem? I'm looking for a decent and affordable FM13 host in the UK which is not an easy task. I had thought about a US based host as the UK ones seem slow on the uptake...

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              Ironically I have worked the opposite way (developing while connected to the UK) and the lag is noticeable compared to an inland server. Expect an additional 4-5 seconds any time the screen needs to redraw (IE scrolling, record paging, etc..)


              I'd recommend checking with some of the filemaker consultants/platinum firms in the UK to see what they recommend for hosting.


              (or maybe if you have some free time, rent a colo and start your own host!)

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                Have a look at our services:




                We're in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Not too far away, and we pay big bucks for very high quality bandwidth (23Gbps via 4 providers) because we know it counts with FileMaker.


                Our shared FileMaker 13 hosting plans include FileMaker Go connections, but not WebDirect.  WebDirect requires a virtual dedicated server with us due to the hardware requirements to make it work properly.


                We also offer a 30 day trial on all our shared hosting accounts, so giving our services a try is risk free.  Feel free to let me know if you have any additional questions either here or off-list to jmay(at)pointinspace.com.


                - John