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    Hide When… on multiple monitors


      Here's some strange behavior I've noticed.


      If I have a layout open on one monitor and the inspector open on another monitor, when I add a "hide when…" calc - either directly into the small box or after pulling up the calc dialog, the calc doens't "stick" to the object. The calc must be entered while either the calc dialog or the inspector is in the same window as the layout.


      Is anyone else experiencieng this?

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          No, not seeing that.  When I have the inspector on the 2nd monitor and set the calculation then go to browse mode on the first monitor everything is fine.


          Could there be something in your calculation that needed a refresh?

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            Great thought, Wim, but it's disappearing as soon as I leave the calc - while I'm still in layout mode. However, your post gives me something to test; I have my inspectors on my main monitor and the file on my secondary monitor. I'll check to see what happens when I move things around.

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              I assume from what you describe that (1) both monitors are showing the same layout, but that (2) the secondary monitor is in Browse mode, while the main monitor is in Layout mode. I'm guessing her, but it is possible that if you leave the monitor modes the same and simply attempt to apply the HideObject calc it will not work if nothing has happened to save the layout change (ie. the new calc). That certainly is the case in a test I've run with two windows on the same monitor; you have to save the layout change either manually or by exiting Layout mode before it will apply.


              I suspect that is why the process worked for Wim—he probably saved the calculation (ie. saved the layout change).

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                Thanks, kw, but I have just one layout open in one window in one monitor. The other monitor has just four inspectors and the data viewer.

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                  In order to see the data viewer you must have FM open. In order to see the inspectors you must have a file open and be in Layout mode. As I said, I am guessing a bit, but I assume FM would regard the second monitor as a separate window. Try editing the Hide Object calc, then manually from Layout menu save changes to layout and see if the problem persists.