Silent Install Filemaker 13

Discussion created by rothdavid on Jan 31, 2014
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Has anyone had success pushing the silent install on Filemaker 13? both myself and two others have been trying but we can't seem to make it happenB


Following the KB on it to the letter as best I can determine.


modified setup.ini as instructed.





Installing from a local dir to test its working:


C:TESTFMP13setup.exe /S /v/qn using command line switches as defined in KB..


Watching the process tab, I see Msiexec.exe is launching but FM 13 never installs.


I looked at the command line paramenters on the setup.exe file itself.


command Line Parameters

/L language
/S Hide inititailization dialog
for silent mode use: /S /v/qn
/V parameters to MsiExec.exe
/UA <url to InstMsiA.exe>
/UW <url to InstMsiW.exe>
/UM <url to msi package>
/US <url to lsScript.msi>


win 7 pro, FMAdv 13 already installed. Running CMD window as admin using the command line command.


I removed the INI switches, double click and the package starts and installs fine through registation, which is when I cancel it so I may keep testing a silent install.


Advice or suggestions would be helpful.


Thank you !

David Roth