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    Control another user


      Is this possible?


      In a multi user deployment. I am looking at record 1 in a table. Is there a way I control another users view on there machine to go to the same record?


      For example Fred and I are using the database. I want Fred to go to the exact record I am on but Fred can't figure it out. Can I write a script that would make this same record show up on his screen?

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          Use the script step: Save records as snapshot link and mail that to the other user.


          This will then open for the other user in found set and layout you were in.

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            Thanks, that is an option and I looked to see if there was way I could use that in a script or script trigger? But I don't see it.


            I was looking for a way that I could script this kind of control. When I move to record so does the other user's screen and they do nothing but watch.


            Some how to be able to move the other to a certain layout and record (matching mine) with them doing nothing to get there.


            I have client telling me this has been possible since FileMaker 11. More than that as they tell me the main user was simultaneously controlling three other users.


            The only thought I had was that they had three mirrored databases and the contoller was able to execute a script step in each with the layout and record parameters passed on.


            Thanks for giving this some thought.

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              Are you sure they weren't just referring to the "FileMaker Magic", IE that a record update on one machine will refresh the view on another user's screen that is viewing that same record?


              I do not know of any such control as you note, it might be possible through a variety of set fields, IE controller OnRecordLoad sets a settings::currentRecord field with a get(recordID) value, then the computer being controlled would be on a 1 second "listener" OnTimer script designed to change to the current record. That pretty much makes the computer being controlled unusable though.


              What is the purpose of this? I'd imagine a meeting screencast, IE GoToMeeting, would be a much better way to share views.

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                Thanks Mike


                Filemaker Magic or user madness.


                The purpose was to have one user find a record and then have three other users have this same record instantly appear on screen. And with the record ready to be worked on by each.


                Think of a court setting where the clerk finds the record and this then shift the focus of the judges' screens to match that.  My solution sits in that environment and does all kinds of things including giving the judges this power but not pushed by the clerk.


                Practically I don't think this is even a desireable solution even if it worked but I want to canvas the notion that this was even possible.


                Thanks again for your thoughts,

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                  There are plugins like RemoteScripter that can do this