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    Scraping php forms into text fields and sending html email?


      I'm looking for a native or easy/cheap (non license paying) non plugin way to create HTML email from my database.


      I am considering

      PHP (using http post) and scraping it back into a Filemaker field, then sending that out as the fully formatted HTML email.

      Trying to scrape a web direct back into a field and sending that out.


      Advice or cautions?




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          If your only goal is outbound HTML formatted email, then there are a few alternatives.


          Beezwax has beaten this with a dead fish in their blog post, outlining (AFAIK) every method you are able to perform from FileMaker.


          They have a helpful compatibility chart for each method as well.


          If you are "scraping" forms and then sending results out, then why isn't the online form doing that work for you? It would be much easier to have an online form send the resulting email out, rather than parsing the data into FM and then send it out from there.


          If you need the form results in FileMaker, then you could easily setup a PHP write to a MySQL database that you could tie FileMaker to via ODBC for a scripted import to your FM database. Or even easier, use Insert From URL to return a JSON or XML result of form data that you can easily parse into FileMaker.