Calc to find duplicates in key field containing carriage returns

Discussion created by aeu477 on Feb 2, 2014
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Given a text field where the user will often be entering carriage returns (multiple paragraphs of text); the database needs to be able to highlight the field in red if its total content is identical to that of the same field any other record in the table. Normally I would just create a self-join relationship using the text field in question as the key, and then have the calculation simply count the records in that relationship to determine if there are duplicates.


The problem I'm facing is that the carriage returns in the key field are treated as an "or" condition in the relationship. Thus, for example: if the user types a non-unique first paragaph into the text field, yet types a unique second paragraph; the ideal outcome would be that the system would determine this to be unique. But right now, it determines it to be a duplicate. I need to be able to compare the entire text block, including carriage returns, but have FMP not treat them as the "or" condition.


Any ideas or insights would be much appreciated!