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    FMS13 backup schedule error creating remote container folder


      Is there anyone having an idea why FMS13 may keep failing to backup externally stored containers?


      I have just set up two identical installations of FMS13 on Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard for a client.

      The client expects to have large amount of container data, so we enabled the external storage and configured it to use a separate disk.


      I have enabled the additional database folder 1 and set its path to:




      I have also enabled the container data folder 1 and set its path to:




      Then I enabled the "Back up container data folder 1" option.


      Now when I create and run a backup schedule to backup all databases, the result I see after running the schedule in the list of schedules is "OK", but this error message appears in the log:


      Backup of "emAUT" aborted; error (20403) creating remote container folder "filewin:/G:/Singlebackup/Single_2014-02-02_2000/Databases/Prototypes/".


      Any idea what might be causing this? I was checking the permissions and it seems the SYSTEM user has everything allowed. I also tried to make SYSTEM the owner of the G:Singlebackup folder and no change.


      Interestingly, progressive backups seem to work fine, including externally stored containers.


      Thanks in advance for any hint...