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Setting the Temporary Path for Exporting PDFs from Container Fields

Question asked by nicholasfrese on Feb 3, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2014 by beverly

We have an application that exports PDF documents from container fields and then re-imports them when the user is finished working on them. Works great on the PC platform, but we are now adding several users who have iPads with Filemaker Go. How does one set the temporary path for import and export in that environment? Here is what we are using on the PC side:


"filewin:" & Get (TemporaryPath ) & "(" & Materials::Catalog ID fk & ") " & Materials::Name & ".pdf"


and for re-import:


"imagewin:" & Get (TemporaryPath ) & "(" & Materials::Catalog ID fk & ") " & Materials::Name & ".pdf"