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Very big problem.......please help me!!!!

Question asked by hafiz5198 on Feb 4, 2014
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I'm creating a database system for a tuition centre (in case you don't know what is it: more like a school) so I managed to create student's registration form which include which grade are they in and subjects that they are registering for.

First problem is, I managed to create a search section where you can sort students on your choice but i want them to be like in a fixed layout specially for subjects, grades. for example, I can go to a layout where they only shows 5th grade students. then i can also go to a layout where they only shows students from 6th grade who registered for Science or another layout for maths. so whenever a new student registered in 7th grade for Science, Maths and History, all the related layouts will already list the student;s name in there.

The second problem is, I created a form for the teachers to register theirselves (which grade they are teaching, subjects) but I when i want to calculate their salary each month, i want the number of students that are registered in the class that they are teaching automatically comes in a field for each of the class the teacher is teaching so that i can calculate their salary by just multiplying that number with a rate and get their salary. And also the salary form is in seperate layout.

(Screenshots are attached, please look)

Using filemaker pro 11

I'm a Malaysian who have just turned 16 so I hope you all can help me!!!