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    Very big problem.......please help me!!!!


      I'm creating a database system for a tuition centre (in case you don't know what is it: more like a school) so I managed to create student's registration form which include which grade are they in and subjects that they are registering for.

      First problem is, I managed to create a search section where you can sort students on your choice but i want them to be like in a fixed layout specially for subjects, grades. for example, I can go to a layout where they only shows 5th grade students. then i can also go to a layout where they only shows students from 6th grade who registered for Science or another layout for maths. so whenever a new student registered in 7th grade for Science, Maths and History, all the related layouts will already list the student;s name in there.

      The second problem is, I created a form for the teachers to register theirselves (which grade they are teaching, subjects) but I when i want to calculate their salary each month, i want the number of students that are registered in the class that they are teaching automatically comes in a field for each of the class the teacher is teaching so that i can calculate their salary by just multiplying that number with a rate and get their salary. And also the salary form is in seperate layout.

      (Screenshots are attached, please look)

      Using filemaker pro 11

      I'm a Malaysian who have just turned 16 so I hope you all can help me!!!

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          What I see in your screenshots is what appears to be layouts from "flat files".  Have you looked into the "relationshiip" capabilities of Filemaker?  You should have a table just for the students and another table just for your courses offered and another table that could be called Registration which joins a specific student with a specific course.  I would highly recommend that you get your hands on a copy of "Filemaker Training Series" and read over Module 3 (Data Modeling).  That will give you a handle on how to set up your database so you can get the information you want with a minimum of layouts.

          Cheers, Mark

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            Hi Hafiz,


            Another thing that is great for forum discussions/ archives, is to have a header that summarises the query.  So instead of "Very big problem...please help me", you could try 'How to calculate salary' or 'Calculate salary based on student numbers' or 'Calculate salary based on enrolments'.


            Encapsulating the first question is a bit harder plus, it's often a good idea to try and keep the queries separate.  How about 'How to Sort or Filter Data', or 'How to Display Filtered data'?  Sometimes it's hard to come up with a good header because you don't know the correct technical term/ jargon but that's all a part of the learning curve.


            All the best,


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              Dear Mardikennedy,

              Actually I tried to summarize the question as the header, but based on my posts before, views are very less when people read the header and they aren't interested about my question. So, this time I tried to put the header as something that people has no idea what it is and they are really curious to know more about it. This time it worked, I got more than 85 views in not even 24 hours. There's even a post of mine that actually got only 21 views even though it was posted months before.

              I'm really sorry if there's any of you are mad at me saying that reading this post is a waste of time.

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                Fair enough.  (Would still strongly discourage this approach in the future tho' :-) )  And I'm sure that Mark's excellent and fast answer has been very helpful, yes?


                Cheers, Mardi