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Exiting field in Popover

Question asked by mark_b on Feb 3, 2014



I am experimenting with using a popover on a simple layout. Inside the Popover I have one global field. When I click on the Popover button, I have an "OnObjectEnter" script that selects that field for data entry. When I hit the Tab key (or Enter key) to go to next object (both tab, enter and return are selected in the inspector "Go To Next Object"), the focus stays in that one field even though I have other fields on the layout that are in the tab sequence. Does the "Next Object" mean only within the Popover? I have tried OnObjectSave, OnObjectValidate script triggers to exit the field, but the only way I can exit the field is to mouse click out of the Popover. I must be missing something. I am running on a Windows 7 system.