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      I need to make labels for only 29 out 78 in my database. Is there a way to do this?

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          linhay wrote:


          I need to make labels for only 29 out 78 in my database. Is there a way to do this?


          I assume you mean records.  If so, perform a find so that the 29 records you want to print labels for are in the found set.  When you print the records being browsed, FileMaker Pro will only print the records in the found set.


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            I am not following the find part thing. I have Filemaker Pro 9. I’ve gone under edit and only find/replace is there. I am new to this filemaker thing. The gal in the office before me told me to make a  x in the box below the name and somehow how she just those names with an x into labels.


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              You need to switch to Find mode (in the View menu) and then find the records you want to print.

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                Your screenshot (I assume it is) is blank.


                What your predecessor would have said is that she has a checkbox for those which need to be printed on labels.


                As Steve and keywords said... you go to the FInd Mode... then click the checkbox... then click "Perform Find" or press your Enter key. That should find the records.

                It may be that there is a button to go to the labels and print... or you have to then change layouts to the labels layout and manaually choose Print.


                BTW... Find/Replace finds text... it doesn't find Records as such. You need to find Records.

                Think about columns and rows.... each column is a "Field" and each row is a "Record". Each of your people have their own record...