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Tracking Mail Merge/Form Letters

Question asked by plbcms on Feb 4, 2014
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Hi All,


I am a FileMaker newbie, so mea culpa in advance if I am asking an obvious question.


I need to create a mail merge/form letter feature for a FMP database I am working on. Using merge-fields and text blocks on a layout dedicated to the purpose (and then pulling data from a separate accounts table), I have been able to accomplish the functionality I need BUT I am struggle to find a way to track which letter was sent to which person listed in the accounts table—the system has multiple letters that can be sent and each potential recipient can receive from 0-N of any number of the available letters. As the letters are (essentially) templates stored in layouts and not instance generated from a template and then stored in a corresponding table, make the association seems problematic. Can anyone make suggestions about how I can capture this information?