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    Complicated Value List


      I have a what seems to be a simple need in a value list, but i can not figure it out. (even if it is possible).


      I would like a value list to pull its values from a field(ProcessName) in a table. Simple enough, but then I want to filter and add to that list depending on a second field (User).


      I want a value list to show 'default' records and then also list 'non-default' records for only users that are listed in that second field (all records from that same table).


      So - a ValueList(ProcessList) on 'TableA'(staff) normally lists all records in that ValueList from 'TableB'(Process) unless the 'user' field on TableB(process) has the same value as field 'user' in TableA(staff). Then, only when the the 'user' fields match does the ValueList(ProcessList) have the extra recrods in it. I included a sample file where the records Delta and Omega (Process) should only show in the ValueList in the user records of Sarah and Tom (which i can not figure out how).


      Is this possible?

      thanks for any help,

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          One way would be to create a calculation field that holds a list of either


          • the processIDs of all processes which have no process manager, OR


          • the processIDs of all processes, if staffID is in list of processManagerIDs


          Use the field as a match key from Staff into a Processes TO, using that relationship for the conditional VL.


          You can calculate the field context-free by using ExecuteSQL; make sure the calculation is set to unstored.