Unneeded 'Halo' and border of a container field?

Discussion created by user18988 on Feb 5, 2014
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Hello all:


I have a container field that changes personality depending of the content of a 'Flag' text field. If the flag = 1 the container field (Which is a calculation with a container result) will "Get" the graphic stored in the 1st repetition of a master repeating field called "Icons". If the flag = 2 the container field will "Get" the graphic stored in the 2nd repetition of a "Icons" and so on. My problem is that the actual graphics in 'Icons', that are totally made of FIleMaker graphic elements, always show inside a 16 pixel blank border that i don't want. I tried to format it reducing, expanding and maintaining the original proportion but the border doesn't go away forcing me to make the receiveing container bigger by 32 pixels higher and widder so the graphic shows in the correct size. I have to say that the repeating container field that holds the original graphic does the same thing.


Additionally, I can not turn off the "Halo" line that shows around the container field. I checked off al lines, patterns and background in the inspector and made sure that nothing is checked in the View menu alternatives, but the faint halo is still there in layout, find and browse modes.


Is it something to do with the type of graphic?. I tried converting it to several different types using a converter, but no success. In the attached Icon file the icon, border and halo can be seen.