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    FM server scripting error 802 with using ODBC record import(Using Access 2003 MDB file)


      I am using FM pro 11v3 and i am trying to import record from Access 2003 MDB file into fm7 file.

      I can successfully import the record in my local computer(window xp sp3).

      When i schedule the program in server(server 2008 r2 with FM server 11 advanced), i receive the following error message"

      2014-02-04 17:17:32.732 +0800 Information 644 FMSERVER2011(Server name) Schedule "HISPatientimporttesting" (Schedule name) completed; last scripting error (802)."

      And i have been found the information about this error message, the message is talking about "Unable to open file"


      For the error message

      the detail information is

      "errorNumber = 802; "Unable to open file. This error can be caused by one or more of the following: Invalid database name, File is closed in FileMaker Server, Invalid permission";"


      But my mdb file is full control and the database name is correct.


      How can i fix this problem?