second preferences file request

Discussion created by jrenfrew on Feb 5, 2014
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Anyone care to join me in submitting a feature request to get the contents of the data viewer into a second preferences file??



Well every time FMP!3 crashes while I am developing - and it's much more than it should be - I lose the contents of the watch list in the Data Viewer. Which contains all kinds of useful things like layout number or layoutWdith etc.etc.


If this were in a second file it would preserve the contents unless you deliberatley started up FMP over-riding the prefs file. Yes, I am aware that it might be the Data Viewere that is causing the crash, BUT it is less likely than the complete annoyance it is to have to re-instate all my useful stuff...


And yes I could get it back from time machine, only this seems to happen on site when my little drive is not actually with me...




john renfrew