How do I insert the BaseElements function BE_CopyFile in a script

Discussion created by beaconny on Feb 5, 2014
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Am a seasoned MS Access programmer trying, as a newbie, to find my way through Filemaker. Working in a Mac environment using FM Pro Advanced 12. I have installed the BaseElements plugin because I need to be able, within a script, to copy a file and it has a function BE_CopyFile.


Basically I want to do this:


If fileName already exists:

- delete it -- will use BE_DeleteFile(path)

- copy one file to fileName in another directory -- will use the BE_CopyFile( fromPath,toPath)


- just copy a file to fileName in another directory



So I start with


$FileFound = BE_FileExists(path) --- that works fine


However, I cannot figure what script steps to use in order to insert the other functions in the script.


Please someone, provide me with some detailed info of how to script this. I am missing something here. I know that the function should be entered in the calculation dialog, but how do I get there?